What is MyLakeTown.com?

MyLakeTown.com is a comprehensive tool designed for Lake Association Boards and members.

With MyLakeTown.com, Lake Association Board members can more easily manage their administrative duties like collecting dues, contacting members and informing them of the latest news. They can also promote the benefits of MyLakeTown.com in their communities to build membership and increase revenues for the Association.

For Association Members, MyLakeTown.com brings the entire community together – putting them in touch with their Lake year round. Members can easily see what’s going on at the Lake, connect with their neighbors, buy and sell lake-related items and more.

  • In addition to its standard features and benefits, MyLakeTown.com is a customized, easy to update, state-of-the-art website for your lake.

Can we customize MyLakeTown.com for our Lake Community?

Yes. MyLakeTown.com has different options from which you can choose. Each option is professionally designed and offers the opportunity for customization with images, messages and other design features that reflect the unique beauty and character of your lake.

How much does MyLakeTown.com cost?

MyLakeTown.com can be Free for use by lake community Associations and their members through a unique Business Membership program.  Click here to learn more.

Can I use MyLakeTown.com to manage membership and collect their dues?

Yes. MyLakeTown.com includes a custom membership database that allows you to easily collect and track dues payments and generate reports.

How can MyLakeTown.com help us sign up new members?

Only Association members will have access to all the benefits of MyLakeTown.com – making membership in the lake association a “must have.” Word will spread about the value of an Association membership as more and more people use MyLakeTown.com’s community building features.

Built-in social networking allows members to connect with their friends and neighbors on the lake. They can see news and make plans to attend scheduled events. They can even see who’s at the iake before leaving home. The site will let them check weather conditions, post items for sale, and find resources to take care of their homes. MyLakeTown.com simply enhances life at the lake.

Can we use MyLakeTown.com to store association documents like the Association Charter, Minutes of Board Meetings, Lake Rules, etc.?

Yes. MyLakeTown.com includes a database where important documents may be stored and retrieved at anytime.

Can we post Lake Association news and events?

Absolutely. MyLakeTown.com has a unique news and events calendar that can be seen by the entire community. Entries can be posted easily and quickly and can be seen as soon as they are published.

We’d like to communicate more with our members, does MyLakeTown.com help us do that?

Yes, definitely. Member communication is one of the key features of MyLakeTown.com. The Board has several options for communicating with members. Various areas of the site can be easily updated to communicate Board activities affecting the Lake, Association News and Events, and more. Of course, these are in addition to personalized email messaging.

What is revenue sharing? Can the Association make money with MyLakeTown.com?

Revenue generated from business memberships does more than provide MyLakeTown.com for Free – it is also shared with the Lake Association. Once your Business Memberships pay the low monthly service fee, we pay you 20% of all additional revenue from your Lake’s Business Memberships.

Can members really see who is at the lake – even from home?

Yes. After logging in, members can see which friends and neighbors have “checked in” at the lake.

How can MyLakeTown.com be free?

MyLakeTown.com can be Free because it is supported by merchants and service providers located in lake communities. Their support is in the form of a Business Membership.

What is a Business Membership?

Local businesses can show support for their Lake community by joining the Association as a Business Member. A Business Membership allows local merchants and service providers to reach all the residents of the lake like nothing else. There are 3 levels of membership and businesses can also offer special discounts via MyLakeTown.com’s coupon page. See more on the Business Membership page.

Does MyLakeTown.com offer support?

Yes. There are several ways to get support from MyLakeTown.com.

You can watch simple video demonstrations of some of the major features that will walk you through those tasks. Email support is available by submitting a support request. And additional support is available by calling 855-LAKETOWN. Inquiries are responded to Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 EST.  We can also set up evening appointments to help accomondate your Association.

How do I get started?

Are you ready to add MyLakeTown.com for your Lake Association? Call 855-LAKETOWN and speak to Dan Cronin, Founder. You may also email Dan at info@mylaketown.com

How do I become a business member on MyLakeTown.com?

Businesses interested in becoming a Business Member can go to the Business Membership page and sign up there. You can also contact the Lake Association and ask for the Business Membership coordinator or call MyLakeTown.com at 855-LAKETOWN.

How do I pay for my business membership on MyLakeTown.com?

After signing up on the Business Membership page, you will be guided to provide payment information. You can also call us at 855-LAKETOWN.

What if our Lake Association does not like using MyLakeTown.com?

MyLakeTown.com comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that your Association and your members will be thrilled with the benefits MyLakeTown.com brings to your Lake Community. If you want to stop using MyLakeTown.com after 3 months, you are under no obligation to continue.

Can we keep our current website address (url)?

Yes you can. Contact us to learn how you can bring MyLakeTown.com to your association while keeping your existing website address.

How do I update my profile?

It’s easy. Go to the tutorials page. The site includes a number of online tutorials that will show you – step by step – how to use some of our most popular member features, including updating your profile.

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