Boat Patrols: A Letter to Senator Little

Dear  Senator  Little,
 Our  Association has been inundated all summer with cries for help from lakefront property owners because boats and seadoos are speeding and cavorting  dangerously.    As  you know the Upper Chateaugay Lake and  the Lower Chateaugay Lake  are connected by  a narrow stretch called The Narrows.  The  NYS  DEC  boat launch is  located on  The  Narrows. All sections  of  the  lake are concerned but the Narrows suffers unbearably because of  day users from  the boat  launch.  They take off at high  speed to  reach the Upper or Lower Lake. 
Attached is an  article from the  NYS  Federation of Lakes  Association  regarding  state funding for marine patrol.. Please tell me what happened  to  that funding in the 2016 budget? If the  state is  going  to provide public  access to lakes, the state needs  to  provide support for safety just  as  they do on highways.
I've been in contact  with  NYSDEC  Regional  Director Robert  Stegemann  and with Clinton County and Franklin County Sheriff's Departments. My pitch to all of them has been:  "You have homes.  How would you feel if you  could not allow a visiting ride a tricycle on your sidewalk  because of swerving speeding cars?  That's the situation with lakeshore owners in The  Narrows.  It is not safe for swimming,, canoeing   or kayaking." 
Franklin  County sold its  patrol boat years  ago for lack  of  operational funds.  Clinton County  didn't  offer  me much hope of  enforcement.  Mr.  Stegemann promised more "enforcement presence" but indicated multiple stresses on his financial capabilities.
Please  help me understand  the state's support, or lack thereof, for  this safety issue and also what  we  can do  to  help you move  this  issue  in  a positive direction.
Joanne Hannon, President of Chateaugay  Lakes  Association
5775 State Rte 374
Merrill, NY 12955
Cell: 727-744-2911

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